Monday, October 20, 2008

Social Media wins the battle!

Victory! Social media wins!

If you aren't familiar with my plight, please refer back to My Land Rover Battle

So a few days ago, my wife received a call from Mr Fields directly. She explained the situation, noting the poor customer service we suffered through. From what she tells me, Mr Fields was not too happy with his staff. In fact, he couldn't believe some of the things that we were told.

Thankfully his disgust translated into action. He told us to bring our car back and that his staff would diagnose the problem at no charge. We did just that this morning.

Good news, the issue apparently was very minor and Land Rover fixed on the spot at no charge.

The problem was fixed by simply resetting something, which I'm sure amounted to about 30 minutes of work. If only his staff hadn't have been so short-sighted and just taken 30 minutes out of their day.

30 minutes that would have made us happy.
30 minutes that would have prevented my social media campaign.
30 minutes to prevent a decent amount of negative chatter about his brand.
30 minutes to have possibly made a sale.

That's right. Made a sale.

You see, my wife and I went out and purchased a new SUV that week and Land Rover would have been an option. I liked our car and had been eyeing the LR2 for some time. But no, two knuckleheads at Fields killed any brand loyalty because they just didn't care enough to spend 30 minutes on us.

Thank you to everyone who twittered, blogged and called on my behalf. Without you, I don't think this would have been a success.

BTW - Tina wouldn't even talk to us.


Marisa said...

You made my day! Good job. :)

Tim Glenn said...

30 minutes. 30 potential Land Rovers lost. Glad you got your resolution. Too bad for Fields losing brand recognition.

What happened to the Service manager?

Anthony Richardson said...

Ha! Thats awesome Jeremy. Nice work.

Artric said...

I bet it was more like five minutes of work - less time than it would have taken to hear the complaint. People just don't think things through.

But hey, we have this amazing case study now, don't we?

Unfortunately, I bet nothing happened to the lowlife service manager. They didn't mention anything about action, did they?