Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Menu?

We're throwing on hell of a party on New Years.

Our group of 10 friends is descending on a beachside condo in Melbourne for a culinary throwdown.

The menu isn't finalized yet, but we're getting close.

In support of the festivities, we just made a run to Gary's Seafood in Orlando. They're a wholesaler of seafood and other gourmet items. They sell strictly to restuarants, unless you know someone...we know someone.

So what did we get?

Berkshire Heritage pork tenderloins. I'm thinking of making this into a Porc Mignon with garlic confit pan sauce and parsnip puree.

We also bought quail and buffalo short ribs. Not exactly how these will end up yet, but probably will pan roast the quail and braise the short ribs.

Oh. Did I mention the cheese and charcuterie? Shropshire Blue, Humboldt Fog aged goat, Seal Bay triple cream cheese, artisanal duck prosciutto and salami.

This post is making me hungry.

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